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Lanyang Day

Residential College
The Lanyang Day—
Wear Taste and Confidence on Your Sleeve

A unique tradition on Lanyang campus is the so-called “Lanyang Day”. The Lanyang Day falls every Monday and everyone on campus, both students and staff, wear formal attire on this day.  
The meaning of the Lanyang Day is to instill the importance of one’s outward appearances and familiarize students with the practice of dressing in formal attires. Although some students might think it is troublesome and some students regard this as “rule” imposed on them, the Campus believes it is important to help students establish their tastes and styles while in college, and students should particularly learn to differentiate what is “smart casual” from “sloppy”.
“Impression Management (IM)” is a popular research subject in recent years. It means a conscious process in which one tries to influence others’ perceptions and opinions about another person through clothes, behavior, body language, demeanor, appearance and even make-up. Although we all know that what one wears can not be taken as an indicator of one’s ability or professionalism, we believe one’s outward image can shape other’s opinions towards you and a presentable young person with professionalism and demeanor will stand out in the crowd. Ms. Chen Wen-Ming, the General Manager of New York International Management Consulting Firm also pointed out that clothes stands for a person’s identity, and one’s taste and style in clothing expresses how one wants to be seen and how one wants to be treated.
The Lanyang Day exemplifies our commitment and effort in helping our students to be internationally competitive in the future working life.