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International and Cross-Strait Affairs

The section of international affairs on Lanyang campus mainly engages in the following areas.

A.International affairs on Lanyang Campus

a. International students and overseas Chinese students

  1. Registration and admission of overseas students, visa application, leave to enter/leave to remain, national health insurance application
  2. Compiling data about international students
  3. Assisting international students and overseas Chinese students to apply for scholarships
  4. Arranging Mandarin lessons for international and overseas Chinese students
  5. Arranging orientation programs for international and overseas Chinese students
  6. Translating campus activities into English for international students

b. Exchange students from Lanyang Campus

  1. Facilitating the application for exchange studentship
  2. Facilitating visa application for exchange students
  3. Collecting and disseminating academic transcripts for exchange students
  4. Holding orientation briefings for exchange students and other sister universities

c. Hosting international visitors
d. Assisting in the application for scholarships provided by the ministry of Education

B. Junior Year Study Abroad (for students on Lanyang Campus)

  • Overseeing Junior Year Study Abroad program
  • Advising on draftees exit regulation
  • Holding orientation briefings of sister universities
  • Holding “experience sharing sessions with senior students”
  • Extracting data from Junior year abroad online reporting system
  • Holding “Junior Year Abroad Briefing for Parents”
  • Editing Junior Year Abroad brochure (Lanyang edition) and Junior Year Abroad Reflection booklet (Lanyang edition)

C. Facilitating video conferencing with the Tam-shui campus as requested
D. Any other business