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Dorm Activities 1/3-1/5 Lanyang Gang Hip Hop squad
Library News 2018/1/2-【You Choose and I Buy】The book fair of Lanyang Campus
Dorm Activities 12/26-The diet culture of aborigines:Leaf of Piper betel
Dorm Activities 12/20- White Christmas
Teaching Affairs Withdrawal from a Class after the Midterm Exam Fall 2017
Dorm Activities 12/12~14 - The basketball competition
Spotlight 11/28-Offspring in Yilan to Go Back to Their Parental Home
Dorm Activities 11/29 - Advanced Go Game (Weiqi)
Spotlight 11/8 - The Inaugural Ceremony of Bistro Penseur on Lanyang Campus
Dorm Activities 11/8 - Climbing for your life
Dorm Activities Basic Go Game (Weiqi)
Dorm Activities 10/27- Let`s healthy everyday!
College of Global Development 10/24 - 2017 High Table Dinner
Sports PE Manual Selection
Announcement Activities canceled because typhoon
Announcement 2017 Fall school bus time
Teaching Affairs Fall 2017 Adjustment Period Schedule and Information
Teaching Affairs TKU Fall 2017 Enrollment Schedule and Information