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Category Title Date
Announcement Lanyang Campus Dormitory Anti-Disaster Drill
Announcement Campus will be locked down from 20:00 to 07:00
Announcement Library's opening time is now rescheduled
Announcement All student club activities suspended and the Student Activity Center closed.
Announcement Distance-learning applied (from now to 30th May)
Announcement 6/6 - 2020 Graduation Commencement
Announcement Dean's No.29 Announcement: lift the campus access control
allocation of dormitory bed of the 2020 academic year
 only authorized people can enter the campus
 get your student ID ASAP
Announcement Regulation of Measuring Body Temperature at Lanyang Campus (NEW)
Announcement temperature checking regulations
Announcement 3/10 - Body temperature measured based on student lists on Lanyang Campus
Announcement Regulation of Measuring Body Temperature at Lanyang Campus
Announcement trace record
Announcement new rules for talking shuttle bus
Announcement The procedure of dormitory check-in changed
Announcement Survey of your Travel History to China, HK, and/or Macau
Announcement Due to the threat of 2019-nCoV, the University has decided to extend winter vacation
Announcement Notice to all international students
Announcement 10/29-High Table Dinner
Announcement 11/2- 68th Anniversary Celebration
Announcement 9/19 - Moon Festival Associateion Party
Announcement 6/6 - Graduation Party
Announcement 9/27-Inauguration Ceremony of 106 Academic Year on Lanyang Campus & Mid-autumn Festival for Teachers and Students
Announcement Activities canceled because typhoon
Announcement 2017 Fall school bus time
Announcement 5/17-2017 Farewell Party
Announcement School gym (Active Center) will be closed from 1/14 to 2/10
Announcement 12/27~29 - Talented Lanyang
Announcement Calendar for 105 year Lanyang Campus