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9/27-Inauguration Ceremony of 106 Academic Year on Lanyang Campus & Mid-autumn Festival for Teachers and Students

  • 2017-09-28
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A meetup night party of Mid-autumn Festival for Teachers and Students and the Inauguration Ceremony of 106 Academic Year were held on 27 September (Wednesday).
The Mid-autumn Festival is the first festival since the semester starts every year. Freshmen, overseas students, sophomores, returned seniors gathered up at the shed in front of the welcoming steps. With no surprise, this crowd also included some passionate alumni who took the opportunity of the activity to come back to campus to visit their teachers and underclassmen. What a warm scene! At the beginning of the event, the Provost of Lanyang Campus gave a welcome speech. Provost Lin said this traditional event, which has been held continuously since the establishment of Lanyang Campus, was one of the most distinctive activities of the All Residential College policy (the 3-All Policy includes All Junior Abroad, All English Teaching, and All Residential College). Next, the Dean of College of Global Development, Dr Andy Liou, hosted the inauguration ceremony, in which the senior students went up to the stage to share their life and study overseas in their fourth year in English.
Hosted by Lan-xin ambassadors this year, the Rap performance full of college elements done by Mr. Rabbit, the former director of Student Association of Tamsui Campus, had resonated among many of the students; likewise, the dynamic dance performed by the Street Dance Club and the groovy songs done by the Rock & Roll Club had drawn a round of applause. As for the crowds, ten people sat in a circle, enjoying the cuisine prepared by the organizer and watching the shows at the same time. The teachers walked around these groups to socialize with the students.
To highlight the spirit of “All Residential College”, the school has encouraged the student societies to plan and manage the activities autonomously. In this way, the activities held by the students have become quite impressive and earned recognition among the students. For foreign students whose number is growing on campus in these years, they could well take the opportunity to get familiar with the elements of some Chinese festivals through these activities since they got no clue of what they are. For students who left their homes for the first time, by attending the activities,
they could take the chance to interact with the teachers and be closer to their upper-classmen so as to merge into the big family of the Lanyang campus. Through the arrangement of the events, the freshmen have felt the devotion and passion of the upperclassmen, and would follow suit to inherit the fine tradition of the activities next year.