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The procedure of dormitory check-in changed

  • 2020-02-24
  • Admin Admin

1. The date of dormitory is still scheduled on 1st March, 09:00 to 21:00.

2. Only TKUL students are allowed to enter the dormitory. Your companions are NOT allowed.

3. Students must measure forehead temperature check your travel history at checking counters which locates at Great Stairs. If your forehead temperature is higher than 37.5 Celsius degree, you cannot move into the dormitory.

4. When your car is in the building, you can only park it in front of the B1 entrance of the dormitory temporarily. The car must leave immediately after the discharge of luggage.

5. Cars can only park on the outdoor tennis court.

6. If you drive by yourself (or you ride a motorcycle), you must do the Step 3 first and then park your car on the outdoor tennis court. After that, walking into the dormitory with your luggage. (if you ride a motorcycle, you can park your motorcycle on the underground parking lot). However, if you violate this regulation, your park permit will be cancelled FOREVER.

7. If you come here by taxi or bus, you are regarded as driving by yourself. So you need to walk into the dormitory with your luggage.