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Pushing the Frontiers of Globalization

  • 2012-02-29
  • Digital Ruling

Part of TKU’s strategy for future development is strengthening relations with its partner universities overseas. As such, a small group of senior TKU faculty from the Lanyang Campus recently visited several partner universities in the U.S. The group consisted of the Dean of the College of Global Entrepreneurial Development, Prof. Liou Ay-hwa, the Chair of the Department of International Tourism Management, Dr. Chien Mu Yeh, and the Chair of the Department of Global Political Economy, Dr. Cheng Chin-mo.


The delegation visited four sister universities in North America, including the University of California – Sacramento, San Francisco State University, Winona University, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. They met with international staff from each university, with whom they exchanged perspectives and engaged in lively discussion. During their trip, they also visited the President of Winona University and discussed 2+2 dual degree programs with both Winona University and SF State.


An important component of the visit was checking in on TKU students studying in the U.S. under the ‘Junior Year Abroad’ Program. The group visited around 80 students, handed out a traditional Taiwanese delicacy known as “pineapple cake”, and viewed firsthand the lifestyle of Tamkang juniors living in U.S dorms. Prof. Liu, after returning to Taiwan, commented: “the students’ lifestyles and overall study environment is ideal”.