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President Chang Attends Lanyang Senior Discussion

  • 2015-05-06
  • Digital Ruling

【Reported by Xue-fen Ma, Lanyang Campus】On April 21st the “President and Senior Student Discussion” was held on Lanyang Campus in the Clement Chang International Conference Hall. In attendance was President Flora Chia-I Chang, Director of Lanyang Campus, Jyh-horng Lin and Heads of Each Department, making a total of 200 people.

President Chang expressed, “The special signature of Lanyang Campus is the Junior Year Overseas study program. The purpose of this discussion is to have a better understanding of how that time of international study has helped you grow and develop as a student. Were there any problems of unique experiences that you would like to share?” Four year student of the Department of Political Economics, Zong-rong Yang, stated, “The greatest benefit about going overseas was that it made me braver and more independant. I’ve become much more active in events, competitions and even volunteer work.” The students each encouraged each other while pointing out the unique benefits that can only be gained travelling overseas.