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Lanyang Campus consists of a college, namely the College of Global Development, which includes four departments (with five classes), that is, Dept. of Innovative Information and Technology (IIT), Dept. of International Tourism Management (ITM), Dept. of English Language and Culture (ELC), and Dept. of Global Politics and Economics (GPE) . The number of current students is around one thousand.

In addition to the departments mentioned above, the teaching sector of Lanyang Campus also include the military training division and the physical education division. Additionally, Lanyang Campus is also run and driven by the administrative sector, which is divided into Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Office of General Affairs, Office of Financial Affairs, Library, Office of IT Affairs, and Office of International Affairs and Education. All these divisions work closely together to support teachers and students. Moreover, artists-in-school are also invited to work in the Arts Studio to develop students’ ability to appreciate arts and to cultivate their sense of beauty.

The faculty and staff of Lanyang is currently formed by 32 teachers (excluding the provost and the dean) and 37 administrators (including 3 drillmasters, 3 full-time teaching assistants, one PE teacher, and two in-house artists). All teachers hold a doctorate, and nearly 90% of the staff hold a B.A..