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Bulletin, Due to epidemic situation “Paper-based” Add/Drop coursers’ method is “CANCELLED”

  • 2021-09-23
Content or Description:
To simplify the manual courses add/drop process in response to the epidemic prevention, students are required to select courses online or register required courses by class department. Paper-based applications are not accepted. The simplified method is as follows:
(1) Add / Drop course period:September 28 (Tue) 12:30 to October 4 (Mon)11:30, Opens based on the Grade the student studies.
(2) Open online course selection quota:
1. General Education Courses: The manual signatures adding quota will be released in stages in the online add / drop course period (Except Information & Computer Education [Field O]).
2. Required courses:
(1) Please check the number of students in each course (e.g.: re-selected and transfer students, etc.), it will increase when students add online. Originally online adding not enabled courses (like campus and service-learning courses) will be now added to the online.
(2) Students are allowed to register for the courses that are already full at courses section, the department will send the name list to administration to help them adding courses.
3. Elective courses: Students select courses online themselves, and no adding is allowed when the course is full.
4. inter-course or over-study:
(1) Pre-graduate students can add a master's course online.
(2) Master and Ph.D. students can add bachelor degree courses online.
(3) Extension students and fresh graduates who have inter-course or over-study can register at the course section, and the department will send a list to the administration department.
3.For more details: Lanyang Academic Affairs, ext.: 7002.