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About Tamlan Hall

About TamLan Hall (淡蘭館)
The Lanyang Campus of Tamkang University has been recruiting undergraduates since 2005, and has implemented the three-quantity education here. After 17 years, it has implemented the practice and concept of teaching in English, all juniors going abroad and all residential colleges. The results are quite fruitful, and TamLan Hall is the dormitory provided by Lanyang Campus for residential tutors and administrative supervisors. Due to the transformation of the campus, the College of Global Development and its four departments that originally taught here have all moved back to Tamsui Campus.

In order to effectively utilize the space, some rooms have been specially refurbished. They are only provided for staff, students and alumni to apply for self-funded accommodation. Upholding the spirit of loving the school, we support and share the school’s facilities and resources together. The room types are divided into family rooms and double suites , There is a double suite and a single room in the family room. There are two sets of bathrooms, as well as a living room, kitchen and dining room; the double suite has a bathroom, and there are twin beds and double beds to choose from.

All rooms are facing the sea, you can enjoy the Lanyang Plain, enjoy the blue sky, sea and green space during the day, and indulge in the night view of millions of lights at night. The second and first floors of Tamlan Hall have a wide space for socializing and fitness, and there is a kitchen for cooking Food sharing is very suitable for faculty and colleagues to gather and travel together in Yilan, or for alumni to hold alumni reunions, and students for orientation activities and other accommodation.

There are many recreational and scenic spots near the school, such as Linmei Rock Trail, Wufengqi Waterfall, Tangweigou Hot Spring Park, Longtan Lake Scenic Area, etc. Even if you go to Luodong Sports Park or Dongshan River Water Park, you only need It can be reached within an hour, and the Lanyang Campus "Danlan Pavilion" is definitely the best quality and affordable accommodation option for visiting Yilan.

Since the self-funded accommodation in Tamlan Hall is provided by school colleagues outside of their main business, the current appointment and consultation services are limited to working hours. Please make an appointment and transfer payment in advance to avoid the inability to process reservations and check-outs during holidays. For emergencies, the following is the reservation website and related document form download. After the reservation, someone will contact you to confirm your identity and whether there is any vacancy and other information. Only online payment will be provided (Taiwan PAY(台灣Pay), Jiekou Pay(街口支付), Youyou Pay(悠遊Pay), Line Pay), thank you.

Warmly welcome you that belong to Tamkang family to apply for accommodation and come to Lanyang campus to relax physically and mentally.