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Lanyang Campus Dormitory Anti-Disaster Drill

  • 2022-03-01
1.Purpose: To make all faculty, staff, and students in the dormitory familiar with the evacuation route during a natural disaster and to equip all personnel for correct responses.

  2.Attendee: All faculty, staff , and students in the dormitory.

  3.Date: March 7 Implementation at night.  No warning will not be issued in advance.

  4. Drill Procedures
      (a)When hearing the siren, turn off the power supply and open the door.  Take your valuable belongings with you or lock them in your closet.  Quickly take the planned evacuation route to the safe area.  Protect your head with a pillow, backpack, or helmet during the evacuation.
      (b)The drill is to help students be familiar with the evacuation route. Please don’t  run or push each other in panic to avoid injury.
      (c)For the safety of all faculty, the evacuation location is outside of main security room. If the real disaster happens during the drill, please evacuate to the designated outdoor spot as soon as possible.

5.Assigned Classroom:(sign in staff)

Chien-Hsuan First Hall
Wen-Yuan First Hall
4樓(4F) 506(李堯婷小姐)  
5樓(5F) 502(林宜陵小姐)
6樓(6F) 439(周  敬先生)
7樓(7F) 407(蔡佩吟小姐)
8樓(8F) 408(蕭有容小姐)