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10/29 - The 108th Academic Year Tamkang University Lanyang Campus High Table Dinner

  • 2019-10-30
Lanyang Campus is a campus in which an academic institution offers international development and liberal arts education located and with a full-residence collegiate style of its core. In the purpose of fostering the mindset needed for as a whole person of global thinking, a High Table Dinner in a formal social setting was planned out and managed for the live-in students and faculty to emphasize the educational integration of action, learning and mindset in the residential college. 
High Table Dinner in this academic year was held at 06:30 in the evening on October 29th, in one of the campus dining halls, located in the ground floor within Clement Chang Building Complex. The freshmen started filling the venue at 6 p.m., and the instructor, Chou Chih- Wei, a part of the faculty in Department of Global Politics and Economics, guided the students to practice dining etiquette upon their arrival, including male being gentlemanly to strike up a conversation with ladies at the same table; being attentive to damping down the noise when rise from a chair, excusing oneself politely to the dining companions for a temporary leave. Subsequent to the demonstration of proper table manners, solemn music effused and vigorous applause overlapping to welcome President Dr. Keh Huan-Chao, with his leadership team alongside, Vice Presidents Dr. Chuang Shi-Feng and Dr. Wang Kao-Cheng, Secretary General Liou Ay-Hwa, Dean of General Affairs Shaw Ruey-Shiang, and Chief Military Instructor Chang Pai-Chen, to the venue to join in the banquet with the students. 
High Table Dinner was a total “English only” event, which commenced with two emcees ( Yu Pei-Shan, a sophomore from the Department of Tourism Division B and Shen Ai-Sin, a senior from the same department as the former) introducing the participating VIP guests and faculty. President then addressed a speech to greet all newcomers becoming a part of the large community of Tamkang University, “ Today, in High Table Dinner, is the first time I make my acquaintance with everyone. I believe the new faces in presence were making the best choice to select Lanyang campus, which has been committed to “3-All Education” as its innermost of the international development strategy. Believing in Tamkang and opting for Lanyang will lead you towards being a highly qualified professional equipped with international competitiveness. Furthermore, be prepared to pursue a path of global citizenship at all times. As the President, I would like to extend my wishes to you all for a splendid and smooth journey in university life.”
All participants then arose from the seats upon receiving the cue from the emcees, the faculty members and the students lifted their glasses for a toast to announce the beginning of the feast. Class representatives of the freshmen and VIP guests including President, Vice President and so forth dined together at the High Table, accompanied by a fabulous montage video recalling the orientation activities edited by the sophomores. The hall was lingered with warm scenes and echoed with elegant instrumental music while the delicacies were served. The creamy buns appetizer and the fried chicken main dish, with the accompaniments of red sauce spaghetti, chicken nuggets, fried fish fillets, cauliflowers, and lastly, the dinner ended well with cakes as desserts. In addition to the nutritious and appealing food for 350 people, stemmed glasses were also prepared for the crowds to enjoy premium Spanish red wine this year, which livened up the gathering and brought the feast to the next level that triggered students’ compliments. After the dinner, each class took a group photo in order with the faculty and VIP guests. The students also took advantage of the occasion to propose a toast and have further acquaintance with others, even the teaching staff were embracing the gaiety of having selfies with the students. Finally, the banquet was drawing to a close in a broad ambience of public merriment.