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11/2 - Tamkang University 69th Anniversary Celebration (Lanyang campus)

  • 2019-11-02
On November 2nd, Tamkang University celebrated the 69th Anniversary, organized by the administrative centre of Student Association on Lanyang campus, with its co-organizers, Rock Club, Lanyang campus Volunteer Group, Tamkang University Dancing in the Mountain Club ( “Dancing Club”), TKUL Volleyball Club, TKLA, Table Tennis Club, Department of English Language and Culture Student Association ( “Student Association” ) and Beverage Club. The director of the Publicity section, Pan Yi-Jing, who is currently in her sophomore year in the Department of International Tourism Management ( “Dept. of Tourism” ), and her crew had embellished the venue with marvelous decorations in the early morning on November 1st for a series of celebration programs and activities to commence. From 11:00 to 14:00, an anniversary fair was held at the corridor in front of the library on Lanyang campus, and with various student clubs presenting their talent shows to the public.
The club performances were scheduled at 11:15 to 12:10, jointly hosted by Li Hou-Yi and Xiao Li-Cheng, freshmen from Dept. of Tourism Division B. The participating faculty were introduced to mark the start of the festivities, followed by inviting Vice president of Lanyang campus, Dr. Lin Zhi-Hong, to deliver a greeting speech, in which he valued all the campus population joining the celebration today. “ Due to the vigorous commitment and participation of all campus members, Lanyang campus could have been continuously in pursuit of its development of “3-All Policy” feature and have started bearing fruit in the past 14 years.” stated the vice president, “ To celebrate Tamkang University of its 70th anniversary next year, we will return to Tamshui campus to engage in the festivities. It is a pleasure to have so many clubs to get involved today. May Tamkang University a happy anniversary, thank you and hope you all enjoy yourself.” 
All faculty, staff, students and alumni gathered at the fete in spite of the gloomy and rainy weather with wet floors underneath. There were multifold fabulous performances featuring Rock Club and Dancing Club. The visitors could enjoy the club performances while indulging their taste buds with a rich array of refreshments welcoming them along the “Gourmet Hallway” as follows: chicken nuggets, french fries, fried dumplings, black tea, and also a haunted house set up for recreation by Volunteer Group; brown sugar bubble milk tea and mochi from Dancing Club; fried instant noodles and games arranged by TKUL Volleyball Club; cheese potatoes, tea jellies and beverages served by TKLA; fried tangyuan (glutinous rice balls) and tea eggs supplied to the visitors by Table Tennis Club; spring rolls, paninis and soda prepared by Student Association; spicy rice cakes, curry rice, and sweetened white gourd drink offered by Beverage Club. Meanwhile, Student Association would contribute the total gains to Yilan Migrant Fishermen Union as a part of the graduation project. Lin Yi-Hao, positioned as a military instructor on campus, combined the promotion of cigarette prevention and cessation with a claw crane game booth, arousing the interest of a great number of teaching staff and students, and fully achieved the effect of educational entertainment. The entire festivities came to an end with all celebration programs finished and booths closed at 14:00.