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8/31 - Freshman Parents-Faculty Conference of Academic Year 108 on Lanyang Campus

  • 2019-08-31
More than 300 incoming freshmen of the College of Global Development accompanied by parents arrived in Lanyang campus on Saturday morning of August 31st to participate in the conference and take a tour around to learn about both hardware and software facilities on campus. Through explanation and communication of the university and all departments, the newcomers and their parents were able to become informed about academics, available resources for campus life, as well as a structured set of goals and features of the institution. It was not until 08:00 that parents arrived at the campus in succession before the scheduled event. Then following at 08:30, some purposive video clips were displayed to public, composed of GSIP overseas volunteers engaging in NGO (Non-government Organization) activities in the nations scattered around Southeast Asia, and the graduation project of the students in language major getting involved in the service activities in remote areas of Yilan. This session offered the students and parents taking part in the conference a clearer delineation of the related departments in mind.
Dr. Pao Cheng-Hao, Dean of the College of Global Development, presented a distinct introduction raising the topic of "Standing at the starting point with unlimited possibilities." He requested the present students and parents to ponder upon the reasons to select the departments on Lanyang Campus of Tamkang University for studying, whether it is due to great enthusiasm in a specific department, or merely being inspired by a promising vision of a department after graduation.
The next topic Pao moved forward to was to truly define the meaning of "incorporation of knowledge into practice". Being educated in conformity with the “theory into practice” concept of the holistic education framework of Lanyang campus has fostered students' independent thinking ability. Even though there is no certain occupation that can land directly after graduation, the students would neither be constrained by the major of the university departments, nor confront issues about searching for a job.
Cheers Magazine conducts surveys on the topic of “Corporate Favourite Graduates” every year, and Tamkang University has topped the ranking for 22 consecutive years. How do we earn such achievement? From my perspective, the research methods taught in the lectures may allow students to catalyse their critical thinking skills, so that the myths of “better graduate employability of top ranked schools” may be debunked when the recruiters consider hiring new graduates in the future. The students studying on Lanyang campus are possessed of the advantages to create unlimited potential to meet their future requirements through language and oral communication skills, precise presentation delivery skills, experience on gaining a global vision, and the effectiveness of sponge mentality. With DIP domestic industrial internship, OIP overseas industrial internship, GLAP glocalization practice, and GSIP global service internship adopted alongside, the skills developed in four years have equipped Lanyang students with problem solving ability, and put them at the starting point with unlimited possibilities.
The symposium for each department was then arranged in respective venues, where the head of department and the full-time professors elaborated on the characteristics and development of the department, followed by bilateral dialogues between the academic staff and parents/freshmen. The campus also provided the new arrivals and their parents for reference with written materials such as brochures on Junior Study Abroad and Department Conference apart from a freshman introductory booklet. Furthermore, parents were reminded to spare time to browse the campus website for the latest information to sustain connection with the university to the fullest extent, and by navigating through the campus to obtain an overall look of the built environment, facilities and dorms in batches, the conference finally reached its end.
Lanyang campus has been enrolling students since 2005 and has entered the 15th year of its foundation this year. The practice of the international education concept is the advantage of the campus, and it has been building on being a campus featuring higher education internationalization in Taiwan. At present, there are students from more than 22 countries studying and living on campus, and around 180 students studying abroad for one year to take credits annually, students are also arranged for manifold internships overseas. In addition to opening up the international reputation of Lanyang campus, it is supplemented with the practical implementation of teaching practice by international internships overseas, which better fulfil the goal of cultivating premium professionals with international competitiveness. In order to increase international competitiveness of students in the workplace, the development of the "3-All Education" feature was stipulated: 1. “All Junior Abroad”: Students are required to take courses in overseas sister schools for one year; 2. “All English-base Lectures”: Designed to facilitate studying abroad in junior year without borders; 3. “All Residential College”: Deploy “Live-in Faculties” to design theme activities and integrate the liberal education courses with residence life on-campus. We believe parents would mull over the aforementioned constructs we have been dedicated to and show more confidence in our campus after the conference. This may as well reassure them of leaving their offspring in Lanyang Campus, where an advanced learning environment is available.